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2011 TRIATHLETE Swimsuit Edition from KONA, Hawaii

Alright folks, the long talked about photos from my AMAZING time in Kona.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, this crew was the best.  No egos, no disagreements, just great times and great pictures.  From EARLY morning call times to dancing in the lava fields, to shooting well AFTER the sun went down this one will always be one of my favorites.

Again, thank you to the excellent team from Triathlete, Nils (photo editor extraordinare), Lisa (the bomb diggity art director), Bethany (super production organizer), and Steve (always in my shot, but worth it videographer). Fantastic Make-up and Hair, Marlena Robbins. Stellar talent, Angi Greene, Claudia Abreu, Lesley Patterson, Lindsey Kurhajetz, and Dan Hugo.


Swimsuit Preview

For those who don’t know, last February I was sent to Hawaii to shoot the 2011 Swimsuit Issue for Triathlete Magazine.

On June 14th the magazine will hit the newsstands and right here on my blog I’ll be posting a lot of photos not seen in the magazine.  Until then, please enjoy the behind the scenes gallery Triathlete Magazine has put up as well as some behind the scenes stills here.


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She Keeps Running

For the July issue of Triathlete Magazine I shot the cover and a few pages . It’s their annual swim edition that we were on location in Hawaii for.  And over the past 6 months I’ve been getting opportunities to shoot more fitness, athletic, adventure stuff…

In light of that I called up a friend of mine Chelsea Hunter.

D. “Hey Chelsea, what are you up to?”

C. “FINALLY back in town… for 2 days only.”

D. “Oh wow, well are you busy tomorrow afternoon?”

C. “Tomorrow I’m open, what are we shooting?”

D. “Let’s just say, you’ll get your hill workout taken care of.”

C.”Let’s do it.”

Here is a small sample of what we came up with. Enjoy.

Running Warm-up

Dust off your running shoes, on Tuesday I’ll be showing a gallery of images that I shot in the hills above L.A. last week. Till then, Enjoy.

A little time in Hawaii

Hello hello,

For those of you wondering where I have been the answer is… (all over the place) … HAWAII!  Recently Triathlete Magazine sent me to the big island to shoot their 2011 Swimsuit issue.  We had a wonderful crew including my favorite make-up artist, Marlena Robbins, and the very fun to work with Triathlete staff.

I was VERY fortunate to have the chance to shoot these amazing athletes for the issue:

Dan Hugo, Lesley Paterson, Angi Greene, Claudia Abreu McGown and Lindsey Kurhajetz.  And as an option for the cover we had Matt Reid ride on by and hop in the pool for us.

Here is just a quick teaser of the behind the scenes from our shoot, I promise there will be more shots and stories to follow.

Check out the video that aired on Hawaiian t.v.

A little time in New York

So I’m here in New York city to shoot a wedding and help an old friend with another one.  I decided to take a few days to visit with some friends and wander around the city.  Here are just a few of the hundreds of shot so far… this city is so inspiring.


A Little Place called Black Rock City

For those who don’t know Black Rock City (BRC) is home to an amazing arts festival called Burning Man.  Every year for one week 50,000 people make a pilgrimage to the middle of nowhere in Nevada.  Before the citizens of BRC arrive there is nothing but the desolate emptiness of a dry lake bed that spans for miles, we refer to it as The Playa.  It’s windy, it’s dusty, it’s hot… all in all a pretty harsh environment.  People live off whatever they bring, including food and water.  Money is no good here (accept to buy ice, and coffee.  Still trying to figure out why coffee), and everything works on a “gift” basis.  For instance, one evening we were riding our bikes down a street (yes street, I will explain) and someone walks out of their camp shouting “Stop, get off your bikes, we have hot grilled cheese sandwiches!”

Yes, in the middle of nowhere a camp decided to bring a full grill, tables, chairs, couches and a host stand.   After parking our bikes we walk over, state that there are 3 in our party and wait to be seated.  A few minutes after being sat, we a re served a delicious, hot, perfectly crisped grilled cheese sandwich.  AMAZING!  And that is just the beginning.

The truth is the entire experience is a little hard to describe.  And if you ask someone who has been they will all probably agree, you really need to be there to understand… But I will try.  Black Rock City is fully functioning city, just without the money and the comforts of home. There are public bathrooms, they’re blue and stand in rows of 30.  There are cars, but they blow fire or used to be yacht in the ocean and got wheels slapped on them.  There are streets… keep in mind, I’ve been to 19 countries and this is the best city plan I’ve ever seen.  As for your home, it’s whatever you choose to bring (or what you can fit).  That’s right, this is a pack it in, pack it out, leave no trace city.  The comforts you desire you must bring… did I mention this is a desert so 1.5 gallons of water per person, per day.

For many people, including Michelle and myself, BRC feels like home.  The essence of what Burning Man is about is Self Expression, Self Reliance, Communal Effort and Participation.  It’s a place where you are free to fully express every aspect of who you are without judgement.  In fact it seems the more you embrace this, the more you are applauded for it.  You can read more on the Burning Man website.

On a personal note I wanted to say thank you to Tara and Travis for choosing me to be such a big part of their wedding.  It was an honor to be your officiant.  (I just wish I could have taken photos of us while performing the ceremony)

As you look through the photos keep in mind that when I go to BRC it’s my vacation.  I don’t go with the goal of taking breathtaking pictures, I’m just a willing participant who happens to be a photographer.  I don’t bring my nice digital camera out, I shoot with an old Nikon film camera, a small Canon point and shoot and a plastic camera called a Holga.  You will see some personal photos of Michelle and I having fun on the playa, and will see some interesting things that caught my eye.


A Little Work

Recently I photographed the cover for Triathlete Magazine and I’ve had to hold it until now.  But since the magazine went on stands yesterday, I can now share it with you.  Next week I’ll share some other work I’ve shot for the Magazine, so for now, Enjoy:

A Day at the Beach

Tomorrow I have a shoot planned to build my portfolio which means I needed to go location scouting.  For those who don’t know Location Scouting is heading to a location with your camera and testing different angles and backgrounds so you are more prepared when you shoot.

Michelle (my wife for those who are new), suggested we head to the beach before the scout to enjoy a Sunday together… Brilliant!

Well, having my camera with me was the second lucky part of the day, the first was marrying a woman as beautiful as Michelle.

I even snuck in one of me.